Studied in Italy and Germany, and worked as a dancer and choreographer for 25 years.


In his career as a dancer, he has always striven  greater flexibility and balance in space. Over the years, the physical problems encountered and the solutions have become increasingly refined and sophisticated, opening up new areas and perspectives.


In 2000 he began the Shiatsu training (third level) and integrated it with Rolfing®, becoming certified in 2014 as Advanced Rolfer ™, and the Gyrotonic Expansion System®.


From 2018 he is a member of the Faculty of European Rolf Movement.


Giving expression and form to the creative intelligence present in our bodies is my fundamental inspiration in life.


Training and experience

1984 – Start of dance training

1985 – Bursary, Advanced Dance Course, Reggio Emilia

1986-88 – Studies with John Cranko ballet school, Stuttgart

2000 – Shiatsu Training (first three levels)

2004 – Certified Rolfer®

2004 – Gyrotonic Expansion System® Instructor

2005 – Jumping Stretch Board® Instructor

2006 – Rolf Movement® Practitioner

2014 – Certified Advanced Rolfer®

2018 - Certified Archway® Instructor

2018 - Member of European Rolf Movement Faculty.

First steps in the world of Martial Arts at the age of 6 with Judo. His passion for martial arts led him to study Chinese Traditional Kung Fu, Taijiquan and Qi Gong. He regularly goes to China to study and deepen the human potential in the internal arts.


In 2001 he met Rolfing® in order to prepare himself for the Camino de Santiago. In the following years he decided to undertake the rigorous and long course of studies to become a Certified Rolfer ™ in 2012.

Today he works in Bologna, Forlì and Ravenna continuing the education in the Rolfing® method.

He was President of the Italian Association Rolfing® S.I. from 2012 until 2016. At the moment he is vice president.


He teaches Kung fu and Taijiquan (Pak Hok Pai - Tibetan Style of White Crane), finding correlations and points in common with Rolfing®. Thanks to his passioned study and research, together with two dear friends and colleagues, Nicola Carofiglio (Rofler ™) and Gianluca Ballarin (Master of Xinyquan - Form-Intention Fist and Taijiquan Yang Style), in 2016 given birth to the experiential laboratory "Full Body Empty Body".

He graduated in Oriental Languages and Literatures with a thesis on Taijiquan "Taijiquan: common matrix and evolution in the transmission of the Chen and Yang styles".


He is a collaborator and correspondent for the Italian martial arts magazine New Martial Hero Magazine.


He has been practicing taijiquan for over twenty years, teaching in Italy from 1996 to 2005,


He lived in Shanghai from 2005 to 2015 where he studied taijiquan, xingyiquan, xinyi liuhequan and sanshou.


He is a member of the Shanghai Chin Woo Athletic Association and president of the Chin Woo Athletic Association Italy.


He currently teaches courses and lectures in Taijiquan, Xingyiquan, Xinyi Liuhequan and Sanshou in Udine, Bologna, Mestre.