Full Body-EMpty body

Using a practical, physical approach, based on an understanding of human morphology, physiology and embryology, we stimulate concentration, creativity, awareness and intuition, exploring the science and poetry of the body in motion and the mind in action.

Territory of the first weekend will be orienting and remapping the lower pole

  • The diaphragms of foot, pelvis and abdomens 
  • The Zhong Ding in the internal martial Arts from the perspective of Structural Integration

Second one

Spine and discal column




  • The relationship among Head-Heart- and the lower diaphragms.
  • The dance of the Dragon (Wan Yu)



The third one: orienting and remapping the upper pole



  • The hand and the shoulder girdle bridging between my inner space and the outer world.
  • Tui Shou -pushing hands